Spring in Spain

Time to back-track again. Here’s some highlights from the last few months:

February: I was able to go to a race WITH Caleb! It was a blast. We rented a car and drove to southern France together, and then I was able to follow and watch the race the next day. It was so fun and unusual being able to have that experience with him.

March: A couple of my amazing friends ran the Barcelona marathon, and several more of us went with them as the “support crew” and cheer squad. It was absolutely amazing watching 22,000 people run the event. We had a fun, crazy day ourselves riding the metro and sprinting from spot to spot trying to get the ladies their food!

April: Had a nice break in the US. Got to enjoy time with family and friends, and Caleb did some altitude training in the mountains.

May: Was able to be home for my niece’s 1 year old birthday party. I love my family, and already can’t imagine our lives without her sweet little self!!

June: Back to Europe again, Caleb completed the Tour de Suiss, one of the biggest races in the world! His parents came over to watch, and I met up with them to see the last stage. Then we drove to a beautiful mountain town and had an incredible time enjoying what I think is the most beautiful place on earth. I’m now trying to convince Caleb to move to Switzerland 😉 and am continually thankful for my wonderful in laws.

July: We’re in the US, and Caleb is doing some serious, long term altitude training to prepare for the Tour of Utah and the USA Pro Cycling Challenge (or tour of CO). I’ll be at tour of CO, and I can’t WAIT to cheer him on!

At the marathon with Kate, in front of the Sagrada Familia, waiting for our runners to come by!

They did it!!

picnic at the beach with the Busches 🙂

Happy 1st birthday Shannon!

beautiful switzerland

my favorite picture from switzerland!


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