Cold Snap

It has been unbelievably cold here! At least, it’s unbelievably cold for Girona.  At night for the last ten days or so it has been in the 20s, and the days have been in the 30’s and windy. It even snowed a couple of days!  I’m realizing I didn’t bring warm enough clothes. When you don’t have a car and walk everywhere, this is REALLY cold! (When packing I was thinking it’s not like living in Colorado, but I neglected to take into account the whole walking thing.) The other problem is our heat has not been working since we got back! The realty company that is supposed to take care of these things has not done anything for 5 weeks. We have a space heater to move from room to room with us, but it’s starting to get ridiculous even by Spanish standards that we haven’t heard anything back. At this point it’s probably my fault for not walking over there and wreaking some havoc till they fix it…but I hate doing stuff like that. Ugh.

In other news I started pretty serious Spanish class! It’s two hours a day, four days a week. My class has fifteen people in it, and almost every person is a different nationality (and I’m the only American!) It’s quite the cultural experience! I’ve met some really nice people. It’s an immersion-type class, so only Spanish is spoken. It was pretty daunting at first, but I’m starting to get more comfortable and feel like my comprehension is already getting much better. I have several friends taking a different level class at the same time, so we walk to and from together. So far I am absolutely loving it, and it’s giving me something to focus on and keep busy with. Image



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