Hello and Happy New Year!!!

It’s definitely time or a catch up and an intro to the new year. Last year ended with the rather unexpected folding of Caleb’s team HTC highroad. This was a huge disappointment, not only because HTC was such an incredible cycling team, but also because Caleb was in the middle of his 2 year contract with them. (Neo pros are always given 2 year contracts because the first year of racing in Europe is such a difficult transition, and a second year gives the riders a chance to get results and sign another contract.) After only one year, it’s very hard to sign a new contract. However, we’re very excited that Caleb was able to sign with team SpiderTech powered by C10, a Canadian pro-continental team. We will still be living in Girona, and were able to keep our same apartment. Probably the most exciting thing is that Caleb will be able to race more for himself on this team, and he feels really driven and confident going into this season with pro tour experience.

A highlight for me this year was my brother Matt coming to visit me in Girona while Caleb was racing the Tour of Beijing. Matt had a business trip to Paris, and added a three day visit to Spain at the beginning. We had a blast doing all the “touristy” things I’ve been waiting to do with someone, and eating a ton of good food. Then I spent a couple days in Paris with him before his work schedule got crazy. We were even able to meet up with some old friends there, David and Jozie! I looooved Paris…can’t wait to go there some day with Caleb, and I know Matt was pining for his wife too 😉

We had a really wonderful off season, catching up with both of our families in Texas and Colorado. We were able to spend Thanksgiving in Loveland with my family, and even had Matthew and Lisa Busche drive up from New Mexico! It was really fun having our friends “from Spain” there. We then spent Christmas in Breckenridge with the Fairlys, and spent a week enjoying family time, the incredible scenery and some great skiing.

It’s been especially good getting a few months of almost completely uninterrupted time together…last year we spent over 200 days apart, so it was really good to get that quality time. I think we both feel refreshed and ready for another year of adventures! 🙂 We’re also excited to get back to Spain because our apartment is there, and it’s nice to have a home after living out of our suitcases for so long. This morning I dropped Caleb off at the airport, and I’ll be joining him on the 12th. I can’t wait to see my Girona friends and for a new season of racing!

enjoying the view from the Eiffel Tower with Matt, David and Jozie

at the world series!!!

skiing with my sis Cait!

with my niece Shannon at "2nd Christmas"


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