Volta a Catalunya

Caleb is racing all this week in the Volta Catalunya. It’s a seven day race that takes place all around Girona, goes up into the mountains, and ends in Barcelona. Yesterday I was able to get to Banyoles to watch stage 2! It was so fun being able to go to my first bike race of the season, not to mention the first bike race I’ve ever been to in Europe. Originally I was going to take the bus, but then my new friend Kirstine came and she drove us. We also met up with the Busche’s, who had braved the cold weather on their moto! We had a blast cheering Caleb on, despite the fact that it was freezing and trying to rain on us all day. Just a part of the adventure I guess

I won’t attempt to go into too much detail describing Caleb’s racing at this point, because I don’t think I could do it justice. (You’ll have to check in with Alex Fairly for awesome, detailed updates on Caleb’s cycling!) But what I do know is that he is focusing right now on adjusting to the pro tour level of cycling, and quite an adjustment it is! It’s faster, more dangerous, and doesn’t allow for any mistakes of positioning or wasted energy. Every time I’ve spoken with him during this race, he’s been upbeat and excited about how much he’s learning and improving every day. Unfortunately, in this stage he flatted right before the finish line. But he still felt really good about how the day had gone. Here’s a few pictures from Banyoles.

Kirstine and I waiting in Banyoles, trying to make sense of the race updates coming at us in Catalan. With her french and my spanish, we sort of knew what was happening 😉


Saying a quick hi and goodbye to Caleb before his bus leaves!


Banyoles, with its beautiful lake. Definitely going to have to come back here on a sunny day.


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