It’s Springtime!

So last week Caleb caught a cold (from Belgium, he claims) and then gave it to me. Not a terrible cold, just enough to make training more difficult for him, and to make grocery shopping in the rain a bummer for me. But we took care of each other and pulled through 😉 It rained steady for almost a week! Not my cup of tea, but the last couple of days have been stunningly beautiful and WARM. Even though I’m not a rain fan, this is always what I pictured real spring weather to be. Colorado springs are much different: not much rain, but the occasional snowstorm just to keep you on your toes when all you want to do is wear flip flops and and shorts!

Caleb and I went out on a search for good paella the other night. We were both still trying to get over the sniffles, but were tired of sitting around the apartment and went out. I love walking around the city at night. The cathedrals are lit up, and all the lights are reflected in the river. We found a nice little restaurant that overlooked the river. The paella was pretty good, but we’re still on the lookout for a favorite place. I’m also planning on trying to make it, so that should be interesting. I don’t really like cracking open a whole shrimp with the eyes and everything, so even though it’s authentic I won’t be serving it that way! Here’s Caleb and me enjoying our evening out.

Our new friends Matthew and Lisa Busche had us over for dinner the other night, and we enjoyed some awesome Mexican food! They’ve been living here for a year, and have loads of good advice on how to get around and where to find things. Most notably, they know where the cheddar cheese is hiding. (It’s funny how much you want cheddar when you suddenly can’t have it.) We had a really great time with them. The other big “social event” of the week was yesterday, when I went to a huge barbecue. Caleb had to train, but the Busches were kind enough to let me tag along with them. Steven Cozza, (who Caleb knows from when they were on Garmin together,) and his fiance Jen have an incredible rooftop terrace where they hosted probably the entire cycling community of Girona. It was great to meet a lot of new people, and to put some faces to names. Here’s Lisa, me and the awesome view.

In other news, my Spanish is finally feeling more comfortable. I’m certainly not fluent, but able to converse with people much more comfortably. I’m still looking into classes to try and help it along, and may have finally found something in Girona that will work. Being able to communicate more effectively in Spanish, and meeting more and more “cycling wives” in the area has made me feel so much more comfortable. Caleb is going to be gone this next week for Volta a Catalunya, home for a week, and then gone for three weeks in April. Having met such a welcoming group here has really lessened any anxiety I had been feeling about hanging out alone here. I’m glad for that, especially because it makes Caleb so much more relaxed and able to focus on his job instead of having to worry about me. I want to be able to give him the support that comes from being happy and stable here. Now all I need is an exciting job that lets me travel with Caleb when he goes back to the States, and life would be perfect! That’s a bit of a tall order. But who knows, maybe I’ll find the perfect thing someday. Right now I just want to be content with this beautiful adventure. We miss you all at home, but this is starting to feel like home too…just like it should be!


2 thoughts on “It’s Springtime!

  1. Wow!!! This is awesome. So glad that it is feeling more like home and that you are making new friends! You look beautiful too:-) Tell Caleb I said hi. Love you!!

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